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TopazPort Features List

  1. A robust content management system
  2. A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website
  3. Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience
  4. Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events and promotion ideas



  1. Long term commitment to engage your members/audience with online tools that compete with and supersede mass market social network online services
  2. Long term strategy and commitment to push the envelope for online collaboration with affinity groups and clubs
  3. Deep experience with high traffic community web applications (iTurf, ESPN, Disney)
  4. Deep experience with sensitive Brand management online (Disney, high end professional services firms, YAAMNY)
  5. Deep experience as a full service technology services consultancy
  6. Unique approach of supporting membership generated bottom-up participation in organizational discussion  


Technical Features In Detail

  1. User Driven Attractive and Easy to Use Bulletin Boards
    • Allow members and visitors to participate and contribute content (for example):
      • News announcement
      • Calendar Events
      • Rental Classifieds
      • Job Opportunities Classifieds
    • Collaborative WYSIWYG Editng and Publishing of Articles and all Site content
    • Enable topic categorization such as “volunteering opportunities” or “upcoming event” descriptions
    • User controlable categorization of all material by section
    • Easy creation of new post types
    • Dozens of built in post types with easy system for adding new fields and types of content
    • All event and classifieds have a post start and end date
    • Easy upload of photos and embedding of photo and video links
    • Show history of Posting edits and editors to easily show last modification date and user name of edit
  2. Fully template driven
    • Different layouts and templates can be used for each page
    • Templates for content can be customized on a per-site basis
    Post  Types
  3. User Driven Events & Activity Calendar
    • Allow members and visitors to post events
    • Allow different events to be displayed differently depending on the permission level of the user who made the post and the category assigned to the post
    • Add Event Filters by
      • location of event
      • group association of event
      • Type of event
    • Allow year/month/day navigation through calendar events
    • Allow permission settings to show / hide certain events from certain groups
    • Event categorization by location, event type, and even sub-group information if relevant.
    • All events are viewable monthly, weekly or just by individual event

  4. Group and Organization (Entity) Profiles (GroupBook)
    • Allow Users to create and update Group profiles
      • Affiliate Type / Category affiliation
      • Group WYSIWYG-style page
  5. Secure staff and member Profiles (Facebook)
    • Allow Users to create and update their own profiles
      • project / category affiliation
      • personal bulletin board / comment page
    • Enable view of member profiles sorted by project / category affiliations.
    • Allow Administrators to give admin / editor privileges to specific members
  6. Admin control of editor groups
    • Allow Administrators to give admin / editor / coordinator (post only) edit and view privileges to specific members
    • Admin ability to create individual sub group affiliations for coordinators and members
    • Different content can be viewed by members vs. non-members
    • Optional site administrator notification and / or approval step for all new posts
    • Ability to add arbitrary “tags” to any post and add the ability to browse all content using user defined “tags” (like Flikr)
  7. Provide one click install through web interface
  8. Easily customizable user profile and relationship management data (profile architecture allows any data to be added easily)
  9. Navigation with Client ability to easily update/change the links and menu items

  10. Allow users to form sub-groups
    • User controllable group registration and content permission controls
    • Ability for users to join subgroupsand sub-group mailing lists through the web interface
    • Displays all data about a subgroup including contact details and manager info and member list for administrators
    • Displays all sub-groups with which each member is associated
    • For example, another client, Dwight Hall has over 100 sub groups affiliated with
    • Content can be made viewable only by members of a sub-group
    • Manage membership either openly or by invitation only
  11. Highly granular permissioning system tied to User Login
    • Admin controllable pre registration of membership list
    • Admin controllable open or closed registration on site or for specific gropus
    • Admin controllable view/edit access controls per posting type on site
  12. Powerful Admin controllable email newsletter management (yaamny newsletter)
    • Allow members to subscribe / unsubscribe through website and email links
    • Allow management of multiple newsletters and users to manage which newsletters they are subscribed to
    • Allow event listings or news announcements to be easily selected for inclusion in email announcement
    • Adapt to local and major email service provider (, etc) spam filters
    • When creating a newsletter:
      • Simple select / unselect of latest content and upcoming events
      • select / unselect of email lists
      • simplified salutation and closing form
      • simplified mailing reporting
      • Auto list cleanup from expired / bounce email addresses
      • Auto profile update link embedded in all emails
      • Newsletter adapted to not trigger major email service provider spam filters
  13. Admin controllable section creation through the front end
  14. Admin controllable Section list creation
  15. Automatic section lists of all content
  16. Dynamic search of all posted content on site
  17. Admin free form control of Main Menu to link to any internal or external pages with custom link labels
  18. Site Searchable by keywords
  19. Contact Us and similar forms to collect and email information
  20. AJAX style display and control upgrades
  21. Display RSS feeds and send content as RSS Feeds
  22. A continually enhanced and upgraded service


Current Site Installations

  • Most recent site - South Jersey Works - content driven by 7 different organizations with over 14 site editors
  • Fully volunteer driven site - YAAMNY - there is no central organization at all at this site; the content is produced entirely from the membership and it receives 10 posts a week.
  • To see other existing sites using our system, see our network


Technical Features Coming Soon

  1. Allow users to reserve and pay for events
  2. Online event reservations
  3. Online event / dues / subscriptions payments with credit card or Paypal (separate charges for merchant account and bank fees)
  4. Significant UI improvements to Newsletter Management including
    • Auto list clean up
    • User controlled and admin controlled mail reporting and audit trails
  5. Add photo upload to staff, member and user profiles for a FaceBook experience
  6. Allow site managers to print reservation and paid reservation lists for events
  7. Provide centralized membership contact management with online access available to any authorized Client administrators
  8. Fully developed Photo Gallery
  9. Improved admin control of editor groups
    • Ensure non-approved posters have a post delay and notification to admin email
    • Easy web based admin interface
    • Removal of sections in favor of dynamic tagging and pre-defined search lists
  10. Member log-in for restricted access
  11. Include an electronic broadcast channel as well as bulletin board and discussion tools
  12. User driven creation of Ad-hoc affinity groups
  13. Customizable Classified Ads
  14. Customizable security control levels
  15. Customized look and feel with personalize banner, colors, etc. **Any level of customized look and feel can be delivered for additional cost
  16. All component services can be individually enabled or disabled
  17. Public research gallery and posting area
    • Create a custom format page that certain editors can update directly from the web to describe special research
    • Provide a document gallery where people can upload articles or research data to support community based learning research
  18. Online reservations for rooms or classes.
    • Create custom calendar (hourly) display for resources that shows free / busy time and who has made a reservation
  19. Front end User Custom Form creation and data display through website
    • Membership Application
    • Contact Us, email sign up, Class Surveys, reservations and other interactive web Forms

  20. Subscription Sign up page and access to premium content
  21. Content and feature syndication systems (to spread content to other venues)
  22. Banner advertising management
  23. Advanced search engine optimization and search engine submission
  24. Advanced web traffic analytics tools