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Welcome To YaleNet - Boola Boola Bulldog Rules
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When:   February 6, 2008 11:30am-12:30pm
Where:   Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100 - Participant Access Code: 714192
Price:   Free
Type:   Conference

Great Talking with you guys!  Below is what I wrote up from our discussion.  By Monday I'll have a mockup mini site with this content and any new material so we'll have a couple days to play with it before we talk.

I. Short term Goals

    * collaboration forum for continued discussion from the weekend
    * Facebook style photos and contact me info so we can be in touch with each other
    * Discussion board to post ideas, thoughts
    * Longer Range: YaleNet concept of connecting all clubs in one online portal
    * Wiki collaboration, enabling bottom up / organic free flowing participation
    * Develop operational/editorial support for a collaborative work environment 



  • need for forum, back/forth discussion framework in addition to wiki tools
  • sensitivity to not forcing any of:
    • new user registration on participants
    • requiring other groups to adopt different web platforms
    • technical development or much expertise on the part of other clubs or group members
  • short term goal is to collaboarate on organization and creating some documents and sections and see if we can come up with content seems useful to our classmates
  • based on that collaboration we can determin what to expand upon and promote

ACTION ITEMS - collaboration TESTING and content collection

  • Blair to organize front page of
  • blair to copy text of pdfs from Leadership Forum notes into articles and do initial organization
  • Parag to list vendors used by yaleclubLA and other clubs - no need to fill out all info, starting an article as a stub is a good first step
  • Parag to add pages for knowledge base of technical tools used by clubs with known details, pricing, costs/benefits



  • Add photos to profiles
  • list users like ning or facebook
  • add a comment / discussion capability to post pages


Additional Info/Contact: