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Welcome To YaleNet - Boola Boola Bulldog Rules
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When:   January 31, 2008 8:30am-9:30am
Where:   Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100 - Participant Access Code: 714192
Price:   Free
Type:   Conference

Agenda and Minutes FROM Jan 31 8:30am PST

participants: Blair Golson, Parag Patel, Alberto Molina


I. Short term Goals

  • collaboration forum for continued discussion from the weekend

  • Facebook style photos and contact me info so we can be in touch with each other
  • Discussion board to post ideas, thoughts
  • Longer Range: YaleNet concept of connecting all clubs in one online portal
  • Wiki collaboration, enabling bottom up / organic free flowing participation
  • Develop operational/editorial support for a collaborative work environment

II. Long Term Opportunities

  • centralize alumni online community while decentralizing editorial process to reshape real-time communication among alums
  • establish a center of thought and discourse for alums and for the world

III. Practical Next Steps

  • who can we involve - YaleNet Collaborators
  • technical tools and resources
  • Mission: to link and edit electronic tools?  what else
  • stratigic outline for our volunteer efforts
  • coordination with AYA initiatives


Action points

  • Blair to review Facebook Groups, AlumniMagnet, Memberize as well as Alberto's OneClickClub sample
  • Alberto to set up a OneClickClub site for ClubLeaders as well as the YaleNet umbrella proposed to the AYA last year


Additional Info/Contact: