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When:   February 21, 2008 8:30am-10:30am
Where:   Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100 - Participant Access Code: 714192
Type:   Conference



Attending: Blair, Parag, Alberto
  1. Review Current Action Items, goals/opportunites and next steps


Attending: Blair, Parag, Alberto
  1. Parag Added several posts with basic formatting easily using the section contribute links
  2. Alberto easily formatted Blairs uploaed text into smaller posts like Metrics For Success
  3. The Yahoo ClubLeadership group was discussed and whether or not it solved all the potential YaleNet online collaboration needs
    • Blair suggested Yahoo was easy to use and that the document archive and bulletin board feature was potentially all that was needed
    • Parag and Alberto discussed the need for a Wiki collaborative area and "Clearing House" of information
      • For example, it would be great to have one place that linked to all documents relating to Yale Club incorporations and non-profit status.  this could include documents uploaded on yahoo, as well as resources in the clubofficers toolbox as well as links to specific content on various club websites
      • Alberto pointed out there are many subject matter areas that would benefit from organization this way, and collaborative input.  Neither of these organization or collaborative input needs are supported by Yahoo
      • Parag felt that with simplifications to the club interface on this website it could be made completely intuitive how to find content and also how to add content in the apprpriate Sections
    • Blair had to duck out but also agreed that with simplification the collaborative workspace could provide an essential service
    • everyone also agreed that having two "Yale Club Leaders" groups was suboptimal from the point of view of confusion or competing services.  Alberto stated that it coudl be possible to work with several services, and that indeed it was unavoidable that different resources would be found in different places online.  Alberto described the value however of having one page that anyone could contribute to that would link to all these places.
    • the amount of work curating such a clearing house was discussed and the need to make it as simple as possible in order to get participation was again reemphasized
  4. Alberto and Parag simplified the main menu and the content on the homepage to make it as easy to understand as possible



  • Parag to write up expanded list of Sections and proposal to refine the sections shown on the home page
  • Alberto to post RSS of yahoo groups
  • Alberto to implement Parag's suggestions



  • add edit this link within the list of posts
  • Add ability to comment on posts, bulletin board functionality
  • Add ability to store documents
  • Alberto suggests the final two requests might best be handled by linking to those advanced services on Yahoo or even at the AYA.


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